Keith's many characters have always been a hit with the press since he began performing professionally in 1991.

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October 11th 2017-The Mt. Prospect Journal Performing at The Mt. Prospect Fabulous Fall Fest.

September 15th 2017-The Daily Herald Performing at The Des Plaines Fall Fest.

March 30th 2017-The Lockport Legend Performing at an Easter Event.

December 30th 2012-Aritcal in Daily Herald online, Performing at the Mt. Prospect New Years Event.

December 31st 2011-Daily Herald Performing at the Mt. Prospect New Years Event.

December 31st 2010-Daily Herald Performing at the Mt. Prospect New Years Event .

OCTOBER 29TH 2008-DES PLAINES JOURNAL Story about The Grifter Character.

JULY 11TH 2007-THE BARTLETT EXAMINER Performing magic at Independence Day Celebration.

JULY 5TH 2005-DAILY HERALD Front page picture performing magic at a festival.

JULY 5TH 2005-DAILY HERALD Artical on Independence Day celebrations with his picture.

JANUARY 7TH 2005-GAZETTE Entertaining elementary school children.

DECEMBER 3ED 2004-DAILY HERALD Performing at the Chamber of Commerce luncheon.

DECEMBER 19TH 2003-INSIDE MAGIC (an online trade publication).

DECEMBER 18TH 2003-CHICAGO SUN-TIMES Visiting sick kids in the hospital.

DECEMBER 18TH 2003-CHICAGO TRIBUNE Nice artical about his hospital visit.

JUNE 19TH 2003-LERNER SKYLINE Front Page Article on Performing Outdoors.

FEBUARY 21ST 2002-LERNER LIFE Front Page Newspaper Article on Magicians.

AUGUST 22ND 2001-PROSPECT HEIGHTS JOURNAL Front page artical about his performing for kids.

JULY 18TH 2001-LERNER TIMES Front Page Newspaper Article on Clowning.

NOVEMBER 15TH 2000-NADIG NEWSPAPER Artical on his performing at a business expo.

SEPTEMBER 20TH 2000-TODAY'S CHRONICAL Performing for seniors at Mayor Daley's Senior Picnic.

JULY 28TH 2000-ELMHURST SUBURBAN LIFE Front page artical doing a magic show.

JULY 21ST 2000-ELMHURST SUBURBAN LIFE Artical about him performing on the plaza.

JUNE 24TH 1998-LERNER Performing at a petstore Grand Opening.

DECEMBER 14TH 1997-THE STAR Performing at a Hanukkah Party.

DECEMBER 4TH 1997-GLENCO NEWS Santa helps the Mayor with tree lighting ceremony.

WINTER 1996-CHICAGO RUNNER Starting a charity race in his gorilla with caged man costume.

JULY 11TH 1996-PALITINE COUNTRYSIDE Performing in the 4th of July parade.

JUNE 5TH 1996-ELMHURST SUBURBAN LIFE Announcement of his performance at the festival.

JUNE 21ST 1995-ELMHURST SUBURBAN LIFE Stiltwalking at City Center Plaza.

WINTER 1994-WINDY CITY SPORTS Leading off a charity race.

AUGUST 11TH 1994-NORTHBROOK STAR Performing at Northlake days.

DECEMBER 16TH 1993 EXTRA-BILINGUAL PAPER Santa visits handicaped children.

WINTER 1993-WINDY CITY SPORTS Starting a charity race, (the same picture also ran in the CHICAGO SKYLINE NOVEMBER 11TH 1993).

JULY 22ED 1993-PIONEER PRESS Winnetka Days Parade.

JUNE 13TH 1993-CHICAGO TRIBUNE Performing at a medieval theme wedding.

MAY 21ST 1993-CHICAGO TRIBUNE Uncle Sam at the Board of Trade.

AUGUST 21ST 1991-THE LEADER Performing at a block party.